• Expectations and Procedures                         Mr. Palmer: richard_palmer@sdst.org


    • Be Respectful
    • Be Prepared
    • Be on Time


    Homework is completed on time and daily. Any classwork not finished is homework.
    • Homework is accepted late up to two weeks for half credit.
    • Students will be given one homework pass per marking period.
    • All work must be shown on homework/classwork problems.
    • If you have questions on the homework they need to be put up on the board prior to doing your warm-up.
    • Daily participation is expected. Students will be responsible for solving a minimum of one problem per day on the board. Please put your name next to your problem to earn points.

    Quizzes and Tests

    All quizzes and tests are to be corrected once returned.

    • Corrections are to be done on a separate sheet of paper with the question written out and all work shown.
    • Quiz and test corrections will be part of your homework grade.


    When you are absent there are several ways to get your missing assignment.
    • Check my website by going to the Springfield Township Faculty Directory and click on my name. Go to Homework/Classwork.
    • Check the assignment sheet in the classroom when you get back. Also check the bin for any worksheets.
    • Call a responsible friend from class to find out what you missed.


    Students are on time to class.

    • Coming to class late three times without an acceptable pass will result in an after school detention with the teacher.


    Sign out and take the appropriate pass for the restroom.


    Students will come to class with their needed materials

    • Textbooks are required everyday unless told otherwise.
    • Notebooks are required everyday to take class notes and to complete assignments.
    • Each student should bring their calculator to class daily. Cell Phones are not acceptable as calculators.
    • A writing utensil is needed daily. Pencil is preferred.

    Grading Procedures

    Grades will be determined on a point system.

    Students can access their grades through the Home Access Center.

    Letter grades will be assigned according to the percentage earned as follows:

    ≥ 89.5%    A                              ≥64.5% and < 69.5% D

    ≥ 79.5% and <89.5% B             < 64.5% F

    ≥ 69.5% and < 79.5% C

     A minimum of a 70% is required for advancement in the course.