Superintendent’s Message




    Dear Parents and Guardians,

    Welcome back to the start of a new school year! We are all eagerly looking forward to the promise that a new school year brings, and hope that this summer has provided our students and families with opportunities for new experiences and opportunities, combined with time for relaxation and fun.

    I am pleased to report that construction on our new elementary school and on our high school has continued to progress throughout the summer. In case you have not had a chance to see what has been taking place, please check out the Drone Photos and Videos that are posted on the main page of our website, at This will enable you to see the incredible work that has been done in recent months. As you will note, the new High School entrance and lanes on Paper Mill Road mark a dramatically different entrance into our school campus, now leading directly to our main entrance. We are hopeful that this significant change will lead to a safer exit and entrance into and from our school parking lots, including the upper lot, which is now connected via a new driveway with the lower lot by the main entrance into the school. As we move further into the fall, we can anticipate the completion of our new auxiliary gym, locker rooms, fitness center, training room, concessions stand, television studio and athletic fields. Access to the entire indoor area will be available through our new Hall of Fame entrance and hallway. The greater ease in scheduling teams to practice and play their athletic contests will enable students to manage their time more effectively. This fall, over 50% of the students at our high school will be playing on one of our nine athletic teams, a tribute to their desire to utilize and play on and in our new facilities! In addition, the new spaces afford greater flexibility in scheduling physical education classes with our growing student population, and hopefully will allow us to introduce more options into our physical education curriculum, including yoga. As we devote more attention to student mental and physical health, our new facilities will also enable our students to become more physically fit, and will motivate them to want to utilize the newest and most current equipment for training and working out.

    It is bittersweet to note that this is the final year of service for Enfield Elementary School. We know that many of our families and students, both past and present, have fond memories of their attendance there. I am certain that many students will recall opportunities to have made lasting friendships, as well as beloved teachers with whom they developed a strong bond and whose influence undoubtedly remains today. As the saying goes however, when one door closes, another one opens, and this is literally quite true as we eagerly await the opening of our new elementary school next September, which will be located at the corner of Paper Mill Road and Montgomery Avenue. As construction work on the new school continues, so too are efforts being made for the joining together of Kindergarten and first grade children with second grade, as we plan for our 2nd grade staff to leave Erdenheim next year. Before leaving Enfield as it closes its doors in June of this year, we hope to celebrate its enduring legacy and the many memories created there.

    Please note that we will holding another community meeting on Wednesday, September 18, 2019, at 6:30 p.m. in the Freeze Lobby of Springfield Township High School to discuss plans for the disposition of the building and fields at Enfield. At this meeting, we will present school district perspectives on repurposing of that location, as well as review ideas gathered from community input from a similar meeting last May.

    On behalf of our entire school district community, I extend my best wishes to all of our families and residents, and hope that this will be another wonderful year of learning for all of our students!

    Dr. Nancy M. Hacker