• Whether they plan to attend college or not, students should plan to take the SAT/ACT in the second semester of their junior years. It is advisable for students to repeat the SAT/ACT in their senior years so that they have multiple opportunities to achieve the highest score possible.

    Several selective colleges require the SAT subject tests.  If students plan to apply to such schools, they should register to take them no later than December of senior year.

    Students contemplating early decision applications may need to complete their subject tests by June following their junior year.

    The STHS school code for all college testing (SAT and ACT) is 393515.

    In order to process college applications in a timely manner, the student must provide the following at least three (3) weeks prior to the application deadline:

      1. Complete activity sheet and signed release of records form.
      2. Complete application, signed with the appropriate fee attached, or, if the application was made on-line, an on-line application form and an envelope addressed to the college must be provided to the Guidance Office.
      3. Students are responsible for requesting teacher/counselor recommendations and providing appropriate forms.