• Parents may drop off students beginning at 7:15am at the main entrance of the high school by the flagpole.  Parents should be mindful that traffic on Paper Mill Road and in the high school parking lot is heavy during pick up and drop off times and should observe all traffic signals and instructions of the staff. 

    Student safety is our primary concern.  Encouraging children to cross lines of traffic during arrival and dismissal is dangerous.  Families are strongly advised to follow the traffic pattern and guidelines set forth here. 

    Regular dismissal is at 2:41pm.  After school buses are available at 3:45pm or 4:45pm from the cafeteria bus circle.  All students being picked up after school or athletic practices should be picked up near the back bus circle by way of the parking lot. 


  • Families and guests must park in designated spaces during school and athletic events unless directed otherwise by district staff. 

  • Vehicles must be parked between marked lines and may not be parked along fences or in traffic aisles. Failure to observe NO PARKING signs may result in a citation issued by the Springfield Township Police. Parking in faculty lots is not permitted. Students should lock their automobiles to prevent theft. All Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Code regulations apply to the operation of automobiles on school grounds. The following rules are also to be observed: 

    1. Speed Limit – 10 miles per hour.
    2. Reckless driving is prohibited. 
    3. Riding on fenders, bumpers, hoods, or in any manner that endangers any individual or property is prohibited. 
    4. Horns shall be used with discretion. 
    5. Noisy mufflers are prohibited.
    6. Springfield Way is closed from the upper parking lot to the entrance to the lower parking lot during the following times: mornings 7:15 to 7:45am and afternoons 2:30 to 3:00pm.
    7. Students must register their vehicles by filling out a form available in the main office.  Students will need to bring a copy of their driver’s license, car registration, and proof of insurance in order to obtain a parking permit. Permits must be displayed on the rearview mirror at all times. Replacement permits can be purchased through the office at a cost of $5. 

    Students must request permission from the principal or designee to go to their cars for school-related needs.