• The purpose of homework is to provide opportunities for students to practice skills, gain exposure to material, preview content, and engage in individual and collaborative project work.  High school students can expect to have homework assigned regularly.  

    Students are also encouraged to do the following: 

    1. Keep a written record of assignments for reference, especially if multiple assignments are given. 
    2. Inform the teacher as soon as possible if an assignment cannot be completed due to lack of understanding of the concepts or skills involved. 
    3. Inform the teacher if an assignment cannot be completed because of a family or personal emergency. The student is expected to complete the assignment at the earliest possible time. Waiver of this requirement is at the teacher’s discretion.

Homework Requests During Absences

    1. When a student has been absent for a short time, they should review the teacher’s webpage for assignments or contact the teacher directly. 
    2.  Students are encouraged to connect with a peer in the class for missed content and assignments.
    3. Students are granted two (2) days for every day of excused absence to make up the work missed with no penalty.
    4. Families are encouraged to contact the school counselor for long-term illnesses of a week or more.