• The School Board recognizes that each student's mode of dress and grooming is based on personal style and individual preference.  The purpose of a dress code is to promote an orderly learning environment while preparing all students for later success in the world of work. They shall observe modes of dress and standards of personal grooming which are in conformity with the studious atmosphere and good personal hygiene necessary in school and work.

    1. Students are not permitted to wear hats, head or face coverings, or hoods during the school day unless indicated by religious beliefs or with previous administrative permission. 
    2. Undergarments may not be exposed.
    3. Low cut necklines are prohibited.   All shirts and dresses must have straps or sleeves.  
    4. Clothing must adequately cover the waistline (the midriff must not be exposed) and shorts/dresses/skirts should reach mid-thigh.  
    5. Clothing shall not convey messages that are crude, vulgar/profane, violent/weapons, death oriented, gang related, sexually suggestive, or promote alcohol, drugs, tobacco or other themes deemed inappropriate for the school setting. Clothing that displays symbols of intolerance to race, religion/creed, culture,  gender identity, or sexual orientation are prohibited.
    6. Coats and other outerwear must be kept in a student’s locker.  
    7. Due to safety concerns, students in grades K-8 are not permitted to wear open toed shoes.  All shoes must have a back or strap. No slides, flip-flops, or heelys (shoes with wheels) are permitted. 

    Note:  These guidelines are provided for clarification and not meant to be an exhaustive list.  Accordingly, the administration reserves the right to determine if accessories/clothing are too casual, too revealing or too distracting for school dress.  Additionally, the administration reserves the right to prohibit accessories/clothing if those items create a potential safety or injury risk to the individual student or others; or, if the administration determines that they create a reasonable disruption to the classroom or school environment.

    Parents/guardians will be called to bring in additional clothing for their child in the event there is a clothing violation, and students will receive consequences in accordance with the code of conduct for repeat violations.