Traffic/Car Line

  • Parents may drop off students beginning at 8:40am at the covered gym door in the back of the building (door #19).  Parents should be mindful that traffic is heavy on Church Road, Paper Mill Road, and in the parking lot during pick up and drop off times and should observe all traffic signals and instructions of the crossing guard and staff.

    Observe the following carline rules:

    • Cars must display the Enfield ID card on their passenger side sun visor.  
    • To enter the car line, turn down the driveway entrance found on Church Road. This is a ONE WAY STREET. All cars must then travel across the playground and exit onto Papermill Road.  
    • For safety reasons, be prepared to show a photo ID for identification. The driver must be on the approved list of adults for pick up. 
    • Enfield staff will load and unload your student(s). Please do not exit your car.
    • Morning Arrival- Car line ends at 8:55 AM. If you see that the door is closed, please park your car in the lot along Paper Mill Road and walk your child into the front office. 
    • Afternoon Dismissal- Car line ends at 3:40 PM. If you pull up and see that the door is closed, your child will be waiting for you in the office. You will need to park your car in the lot along Paper Mill Road, do not pull into the front circle drive, as buses may still be arriving for pick up. 

    Student safety is our primary concern.  Families are strongly advised to follow the traffic pattern and guidelines set forth here.  


  • Families and guests must park in designated spaces during school events unless directed otherwise by district staff.  

    • Cars may park in the visitor's parking lot, on the side of the building facing Paper Mill Road. They may also park along Paper Mill Road. 
    • The circle driveway off of Church Road is for BUS TRAFFIC ONLY. You may park temporarily there to pick up your student for an early dismissal or from the nurse's office. 
    • If there is a special event here at Enfield, the playground/blacktop in the back will be opened for parking.


    • Students walking to school will enter through the front doors. 
    • Upon leaving school, they will exit the building from corner door (#23A) closest to the intersection of Paper Mill and Church Roads.

Early Dismissal

    • For safety reasons, please be prepared to show a photo ID for identification when picking up your child from school. 
    • The adult picking up the child must be on the approved list of adults for pick up.