• Homework is designed to reinforce or extend activities begun at school. The purpose of homework is to enrich the learning of the student. Parents should review completed work. The simple rule is: regardless of your child's age, guide him/her, but don't do the homework. The most important skill you can teach your child is how to break down each assignment into small manageable pieces. If your child becomes frustrated or is unable to complete their homework assignment, please email your child’s teacher. 

    Check with your child’s teacher for at home technology activities to enhance your child’s skills. When a child is ill for more than one day and homework is requested, it is important to give the school notice of such a request by 9:30 AM. Homework or other assignments will be collected and will be in the office at the end of the day for pick up or may be sent home with a sibling or classmate. When a child will be absent due to a family vacation, homework may be requested in advance or students may be required to complete missed work upon their return.  We require two weeks notice.