Current Employee Clearance Renewal Information

  • All employees/contractors are now required to update their clearances on file every 60 months/5 years. You may check to see the dates of your clearances on file by logging into the Employee Access Center.

    • To obtain new clearances:
      • State Police Clearance (Act 34) - complete online and print your results immediately. Save the control # provided.
      • Child Abuse Clearance (Act 151) - submit electronically & print your results immediately or receive in the mail within 14 days.  
      • FBI Fingerprints (Act 114) - Effective November 28th there is a new provider.
        • Enter your service code (1KG6XN for District Employment, 1KG6Y3 for Volunteering)
        • Complete registration process
        • Select a location & appointment time.
        • Print the pre-enrollment form to take to your appointment with a check, money order or credit card.