STHS Bands:  The Pride of Springfield

STHS Jazz Band Information

Quakertown Community HS Jazz Festival Thursday, February 28, 2019

  • ***Judges audio commentary not available due to technical error***


Jazz Band Commitment Agreement

  • Parents and students: Click below to access the document. Please read the agreement carefully so the expectations for Jazz Band are clearly understood. Sign and return the slip to me at our next rehearsal. Thanks!
    Jazz band Parent Agreement

The Jazz Band Sectional Rules

  • We worked together to create these guidelines during sectional rehearsal:

    • Keep distractions to a minimum
      • Cell phones away
      • Save conversations for appropriate times
      • Noodling/excess playing is a no-no
    • Show mutual respect toward each other
      • Everyone is here to learn
      • Everyone is here to improve
      • Everyone is here to have fun
    • Establish one person as the conductor/beat keeper/leader of the sectional rehearsal
      • Leader should be able to identify rhythm, pitch, intonation troubles
      • This person can change from session to session
    • Avoid simply running pieces from beginning to end
    • Maintain your focus for the duration of the sectional rehearsal

Tune Transcriber

  • With TuneTranscriber, you can even slow down the recordings for practice!