• Menu Items subject to change.  Please see Nutrislice Interactive Online School Menus at www.sdst.nutrislice.com for most up to date menu items and allergy information.


    Enfield and Erdenheim Elementary

    Breakfast $1.50, Reduced Price $0.30

    Lunch $2.75, Reduced Price $0.40

    Middle and High Schools

    Breakfast $1.50, Reduced Price $0.30

    Lunch $3.00, Reduced Price $0.40

    Extra Entree $2.00, Adult Entree $3.75, Milk $0.65

    Ala Carte Items

    $1.75 - Sparkling Juice (all varieties)

    $1.50 - Celery Sticks with Peanut Butter, Mixed Veggie Patch with Light Ranch Dressing, Mixed Veggie Patch Cup with Hummus

    $1.25 - French Fries

    $1.00 - Rice Krispies Bar, Ice Cream (all varieties)

    $0.85 - Cereal Bowl, Lays Baked Chips, Garden Salsa SunChips, Doritos, Cheetos, Chocolate Chunk Cookie, Crunch Mania French Toast, Mini Bagels w/Cream Cheese, Blueberry Mini Loaf, Soft Pretzel

    $0.65 - Veggie or Fruit Sides