Doing homework regularly and thoroughly is the

    best way to be successful in math!

    1.      Write the proper heading at the top of your paper.

    2.      Review your notes from class on how to properly complete the problems.

    3.      Complete problems referring back to your notes and show your work!

     4.             Check answers in the back of the book to see which problems need to be reworked.  Then, rework them using your notes to guide you.

             Always ask yourself these questions first: 

    ·        Am I on the right page? 

    ·        Am I doing the right problem?

    ·        Did I copy the problem correctly?

    ·        Did I answer the question being asked? 

    5.      Circle those problems about which you still have questions.

    6.      Ask these questions in class.

    7.      Pay close attention to the response.

    8.      Copy the problem and make any other necessary corrections.

    9.             Write personal notes describing how to successfully complete this type of problem in the future.