District Title I - Parent Involvement Guidelines


    School District of Springfield Township

    Title I Parent and Family Engagement Plan



    The School District of Springfield Township welcomes the participation of parents in support of student learning.  Parent and family involvement is recognized as a key to increased student success.  The following plan has been developed to build and encourage an effective partnership between home and school. Regular input is sought in the review and revision to this plan on an annual basis. The Title I team seeks regular technical assistance from the PA Division of Federal Programs and PAFPC.


    In order to build consistent and effective communication between the home and school, ongoing communication will be provided to parents that provides information about the school’s curriculum, state and local assessments, how progress is measured, the Title I Program, and how students are selected for the Title I services. 


    Back to School and Curriculum Night

    These meetings provide parents with an overview of general curriculum, assessments that measure progress and the expected proficiencies for students. Parents are informed of the assessments used such as:

    • Dynamic Indicators of Basic Literacy Skills (DIBELS, K-2)
    • Sight Word Recognition (K & 1)
    • Guided Reading Benchmarks (K-2)
    • NWEA Measures of Academic Performance - Reading (MAP-R)
    • Teacher Recommendations

    Title I Family Information Meetings 

    The Title I Family meetings are held twice each year. Once at the beginning and again at the end of the school year. During the first meeting, information is delivered about the Title I program as well as communication about the available resources and materials. At the second meeting the team collects feedback about the program, introduces teachers for the upcoming school year, and provides familes with some supports through the summer months. At this second family meeting a survey is conducted to collect feedback about the program, but also to gather input from parents regarding the parent involvement plan, and professional development. Familes who cannot attend this meeting are sent a paper copy of the survey for their feedback. 


    The Home-School Compact

    The Home-School Compact, designed with input from parents, faculty and students confirms the shared responsibility for improved student learning.  Parents, teachers and students both sign and keep copies of this document as a reminder of the mission.  Revisions can be made, if necessary, when parents and faculty meet to review the Parent and Family Engagement Plan.

    Other ways in which ongoing communcation will be provided with familes:

    • Conferences at school held twice each year (Fall and Spring), also by phone, email, and/or letter.    
    • Parents and familes can sign-up for a convenient appointment that meets their schedule.
    • Progress Reports sent home periodically thoughout the year depending on the grade level.

    Parent-teacher conferences will be held to discuss the progress of the students, individual student assessments and proficiency levels as well as the expectation of the grade level and any other concerns of the parent or teacher. The Home-School Compact, confirms the shared responsibility for improved student learning.


    Opportunities for Involvement & Volunteering

    Parents are encouraged to participate and volunteer in school activities. Please reach out to your child's school for support.  Consider one or more of the following:

    • Reading with small groups or individual students
    • School committees and assemblies
    • School programs and projects
    • Trainings and workshops held at various times during the day including evenings


    Surveys of parent activities will be conducted to collect opinions, concerns and suggestions and will be used to improve activities and develop topics for meetings that meet the needs of parents.  The results will also be used when planning the Title One Program for next year.  An annual meeting will take place to inform parents of the school’s participation in the Title One program and to explain the requirements of the program and their right to be involved. 

    Parent Training and Support

    The elementary schools have Parent Resource Centers that offer parents assistance with the following:

    • Materials
    • Games
    • Suggested resources
    • Available workshops

    Parents are also encouraged to be involved with the planning and improvement of school programs through participation in the EEHSP. Information about the EEHSP can be found at: https://www.sdst.org/Page/1799  


    Revised 4/16/2018