Peer Assistant Leadership

     The Peer Assistant Leadership class is a school-based program that started in Erdenheim eight years ago. Students who are interested in participating in this program must complete an application, participate in an interview and receive recommendations from staff members.

    Once selected, our Peer Leaders are trained in a research-based conflict resolution program. After successfully completing the training program, Peer Leaders have the opportunity to help other students work through conflicts that arise during recess, on the bus, in the classroom and or in the cafeteria. These conflicts can include, arguments, gossip, and rumors, teasing, perceived bullying, etc. During a peer mediation session, our Peer Leaders help students brainstorm possible solutions, and reach an agreement that will put everyone involved in a win-win situation.

    In addition, to solving conflicts, Peer Leaders act as peer mentors, give classroom presentations, plan and implement school-wide assemblies, create a PSSA motivational video and participate in community events.