Springfield Township High School

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High School News and Notes

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    For your planning purposes, please make a note of the following:

    Monday, January 27th: Full Day of School/Day 2

    Tuesday, January 28th: Full Day of School/Day 1


    Final Exam Schedule

    Wednesday, January 29th:

    7:45am to 9:15am English;

    9:35am to 11:05am Social Studies;

    Dismissal at 11:10am.

    Thursday, January 30th:

    7:45am to 9:15am Science;

    9:35am to 11:05am Math;

    Dismissal at 11:10am.

    Friday, January 31st:

    7:45am to 9:15am World Language;

    9:35am to 11:05am Make Up Finals;

    Dismissal at 11:10am.


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