Forgotten Homework, Assignments, and Equipment

  • All forgotten homework, lunches, supplies, instruments, athletic gear, etc. is to be dropped off in the main office who will notify your child. Please remember that each forgotten item involves interruption of teaching time. Please also be aware that bringing in forgotten homework to school will not necessarily impact guidelines established and put into effect by the teachers. Help your child to be responsible for the items he/she will need on any given day. Parents may not deliver forgotten items to classrooms, athletic areas, or side doors. 


  • Being prepared for school each day by focusing on doing their best as students is a goal for all children.  This responsibility includes getting classwork and homework completed, bringing assignments to school on time, remembering extra items like library books, musical instruments, and athletic equipment. With this in mind, students will not be permitted to use the telephone on a regular basis to call home to bring a forgotten assignments, library books, musical instruments, athletic equipment, etc. to school. Students can bring forgotten items to school on the next school day. Please note that with the assistance of our school secretaries, classroom teacher and/or school nurse, students are permitted to call home in the case of an emergency.