Lockers & Searches

  • Students are urged to keep their lockers locked at all times. Students are not to share lockers, locks, and/or lock combinations with any other students. The lock and the locker remain the property of the school. The student’s use of the lockers does not lessen the School District of Springfield Township’s ownership or control of the locker. Board policy states that all lockers are the property of the District. Students shall be made aware that administrators are authorized to conduct searches of students’ lockers any time there is reasonable suspicion that lockers may contain any item or items, the possession of which constitutes violation of policies or laws, or if there is a reasonable suspicion that its contents may be a threat to the health and wellbeing of the students, faculty, and staff.  Under these circumstances, the principal will contact the parent or guardian and inform him or her of the search.

    If a  lock is  issued to a student, the student must use the district-issued lock. If the lock is lost, the student must pay a replacement fee of $6.00.