Assessments & Progress Monitoring

  • Students participate in a variety of universal assessments to measure reading skills including decoding and encoding, fluency, and comprehension.  Students are also assessed utilizing a universal screen for achievement in both math and reading.  

    Benchmark assessments, curriculum based assessments, and performance assessments are conducted to monitor student growth and achievement as well as inform instruction.

Reporting Student Progress

  • Student progress is provided to families in the following ways:  

    • Daily folder- each student has a daily folder that includes communication from the classroom teacher.  Please check this folder each night for notes and/or homework assignments, and use it as an opportunity to convey any notes or messages to the classroom teacher. 
    • Email- all classroom teachers use this as a form of communication with families. Please feel free to email your child's teacher if you require additional feedback on his/her progress in class. 
    • Parent/Teacher Conferences- There are two formally scheduled conference times during the year.   Please use these as an opportunity to become informed, ask questions, and/or express concerns about your child's development as a student.  In addition, parents may contact the teacher to schedule conferences at any time if they have concerns or questions.  
    • Report Cards- Formal grades/progress are issued after each trimester.  Report cards are available online through the Home Access Center. Please use your login username and password to access the system. In addition to Home Access Center,  a paper copy will be sent home with each student.