• School Counselors are a link between home and school.  School Counselors promote academic achievement, social and emotional development, and college and career readiness opportunities.  The goal of the School Counselor is to meet the needs of all students, by focusing on their academic, social and emotional development. The roles of the program are constantly changing, reflecting the needs of the many people in our school community; children, parents, teachers, and administrators. In an attempt to meet these needs, our guidance counselors provide a variety of services which may include the following:

    • Social and emotional counseling including, but not limited to, peer relationships, mediation, stress management, social skills, conflict resolution, and crisis intervention through individual or group meetings
    • Classroom guidance lessons
    • Teacher and parent consultation including the development of student action plans
    • Participation on the student assistance team to provide interventions and supports for students
    • Career exploration opportunities

    At the secondary level, the School Counselor also provides:

    • Academic advising including course selection, scheduling, and academic support
    • Post-secondary planning and the college application process

    Counselors, parents, and teachers work together to support children. School Counselors work with parents to exchange and gather information, provide recommendations, and to discuss parenting concerns. School Counselors work with teachers, administrators, and other staff to provide information, materials and referral assistance, to address student needs, and to promote a positive learning environment.

    School Counselor assignments can be found on our website under Schools -> Guidance