• All third, fourth, and fifth grade students will have the option to participate in the school chorus. Information regarding chorus will be shared by Mr. Lawson. Performances are scheduled and can be found on the district/school calendar.

Instrumental Music Program

  • Beginning in fourth grade and continuing through fifth grade, students have the option of taking instrumental lessons at the school. Parents are responsible for the cost of renting or purchasing students’ instruments. Third grade students learn to play recorders.

Peer Leadership

  • The Erdenheim Peer Leadership Program is designed for fifth grade students who have been selected after an extensive application process. Peer Leaders are trained in a research based conflict resolution program. After successfully completing the training, Peer Leaders will have the opportunity to work with students (who either self-refer or whom are referred by a staff member for 12 mediation) to help identify the issue(s), brainstorm possible solutions, and reach an agreement that will put everyone involved in a win-win situation. In addition, Peer Leaders have the opportunity to give classroom presentations; plan and implement school wide assemblies and participate in community events.

Spirit Committee

  • The Erdenheim Spirit Committee is a group of faculty and 4th grade and 5th grade students who promote school spirit throughout our school. The purpose of Spirit Committee is to promote school pride. The ways in which we do this is 

    (1) Beautifying the school building (planting flowers, painting doors/windows at school entrance)

    (2) Kicking off school wide assemblies

    (3)Planning spirit days.

Reading Olympics

  • The Reading Olympics program encourages students to read and gives them the opportunity to compete on a team in an academic activity. Students prepare for the competition that is held each spring by reading from a list of forty-five books. Meetings are after school once a month in October, November, and December, then twice a month in January, February and March.


  •  This club will offer students collaboration & leadership opportunities while students explore the engineering and design process. This club will be an opportunity for students to engage in learning through fun hands-on problem solving activities in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.